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Who Can Participate

All rescues and shelters (dogs & cats) are invited to have a table at our monthly Mingle with our Mutts Adoption events.  Mingle with our Mutts is typically held the third Sunday of each month, 12-2pm at a shelter or community location in your area of Ohio.  Some Mingle events are being held on other Sundays.

We will promote this event each month through tv, radio and print advertisements. We are asking everyone to print and post the Mingle flyer (on the front page).  We are also asking everyone to post info about the event on the front page of your web site.  

  • All dogs, puppies, cats, kittens at the events must be spayed/neutered
  • If your group has a table at Mingle, we expect you to have at least one dog or cat with you and available for adoption
  • No items should be sold at this event
  • It is up to each group's discretion regarding placement policies.  Many groups have a home visit policy and vet reference check and Mingle is a place where they can be seen and generate interest but not release a dog or puppy
  • Please keep all dogs on a short leash to avoid entanglements
  • If you sign up to attend a Mingle event and decide you can not attend, please let us know as we are giving the media your name that you will be in attendance.
  • We ask all the rescues to assist with advertising by printing/posting the Mingle flyer   This flyer will be updated and personalized as each Mingle becomes more established.


Items you will find handy to have at Mingle 
You will need to provide: 
  • tent
  • table
  • water 
  • banner with your group name on it 
    (tv/newspapers often show the banners in their pieces)


Contact Information
If you have questions or would like a table at the next Mingle with our Mutts event, email the contact person in the 
Mingle area closest to you.  If you are not sure who that is, contact Kellie at kdifrischia@gmail.com