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Article on North Central Ohio Mingle, June 2005

2nd Article on North Central Ohio Mingle With Our Mutts, June 2005

Maddie's Fund Article on Mingle 

What they are saying about the North Central Ohio Mingle With Our Mutts....
We had a great adoption day!  We adopted ALL three dogs that we brought to the Mingle.  We still have to do the reference checks and home visits before delivering the dogs, but the people definitely committed on all three!  We are thrilled.
Kathy Knipp
Shepherd Haven Rescue 
Littlest Angles Pet Sanctuary August 2005

Today’s event was just great! There was a great turn out of people, the weather couldn’t have been more perfect and best of all a few of the homeless found their forever homes=  ... If we are ever invited to do this event again I would highly recommend more volunteers and more orphans attending, it’s just a terrific event!...THANK YOU Rose for the invite and I REALLY hope to be able to join you again!" Carrie, Erie Shores Humane Society June 2005 

This is an excellent opportunity for rescues in the area (and well worth an hour or so drive). I think that the North Central Mingle certainly has the potential to become as successful as the Mingle in Columbus. ...It also offers rescues the opportunity to make people aware of important animal welfare issues, such as the importance of spaying and neutering, the benefits involved with adopting a rescued animal (opposed to purchasing an animal from a back yard breeder), the correlation between animal abuse and human violence, etc. -Barbara, Society for the Protection of Animals - Fremont June 2005 

I have had a wonderful experience... at Mingle, and I adopted one of my dogs to a nice family in Huron as a direct result! Li'l Bit and her new family thank you and so do I." - 
Sherry, Littlest Angels Pet Sanctuary June 2005

Central Ohio Poms and More Rescue
I want you to know that I received 7 apps on my dogs this month at the Mingle. I have gone through them all today and have made home visit appointments with most of them for this coming week. The Mingle has really made me a success as my dogs are here and gone much quicker now. I love the Mingle and can't wait till we can have it outside also. This is a great thing for all rescues in our areas to show their dogs and get great homes for them all. I have not had a bad application from the Mingle yet!!!
Thanks, Linda
Central Ohio Poms and More Rescue
March 2004
Tri State Collie Rescue
Just wanted to let you know that we had another successful Mingle. A gentleman there saw our two senior brothers James and Rocky and has filled out an application on them. This is truly phenomenal because placing a pair is difficult and when they are 10 years old it's a miracle. 

Please be sure and add Tri State Collie Rescue link to your front page as we will definitely be there from now on.

Thanks, Lesley, Tri State Collie Rescue   March 2004

Tri State Collie Rescue
I wanted to thank you for letting us participate at this past Mingle. I personally have not been to one in several years and it truly has grown.
We had a dog there Ben who we have had for several months and we actually had several people in a race to contact our adoption coordinator to adopt him. This lucky guy is now going to live with a family with 2 young children for him to play with. Also, Bailey the mix that we were scheduled to pick up from the shelter also got adopted. Thank you for hosting this event and thanks to Franklin County Dog Shelter for sharing the dog biscuits!

Lesley Tri State Collie Rescue, February 2004

Cat Welfare Association
We are new to the Mingle and are getting comfortable with the event. We only took 1 cat to the event and she was placed! Molly had been at our shelter since April. With her dominate personality she did not do well as a floor cat and would have to take "time outs" in a cage. The problem was she and other strong personalities sought each other out to determine the pecking order. The volunteers felt very good about her new owners and the fact that she will be their only cat.

I will be meeting with one of our Mingle volunteers who has some ideas about making our table more appealing and getting us more attention. We look forward to returning in December with a number of cats and kittens.
Thank You for providing us with this opportunity.

Gail Harbert,  Cat Welfare Association

Animal Shelter Society - Zanesville

I just wanted to thank you for inviting us to your Mingle With Our Mutts event. We had a wonderful time and a tremendously successful day. We took a total of 21 dogs to the September Mingle and of those 21 dogs, 12 were adopted and 3 went into rescue groups...not bad results for our first Mingle. We would have been happy with even one adoption, but 15, I can't tell you how thrilled we were with that!! This event gave us an opportunity to give some of our adorable, lovable mixes the exposure they never would have received in our shelter. You can bet that we will be back next month, and the month after that, and the month after that... Thanks again for putting on such a wonderful event and for sharing this wonderful opportunity with other rescues and shelters.

Lori Merritt,  Animal Shelter Society Zanesville OH

Forgotten 4-Paws

Please let your staff at FCAC and volunteers know that Emily/Emme Lou has been adopted by a wonderful family with a little boy that will keep her quite busy and well loved. Emily spent several months at FCAC before being brought into Forgotten 4-Paws at the request of a staff member. She spent months and months in foster care (the last few with me). Emily was a really sweet dog and we are so happy she finally found the home she deserves. "Emily" and our other foster dog, "Holly" both met their new families Mingle with Mutts in August.

Chris Graley Forgotten 4-Paws foster mom for Emily & Holly

Carol, Powell Ohio - Adopted from Mingle
One week ago Sunday, we visited your "Mingle with our Mutts" event. It was our first time there and we had a great time! Over the last month, we have been more serious about deciding what purebred puppy to buy. We checked out library books, talked to our vet and talked to owners of several breeds. Then we thought about saving a dog by adopting from a shelter. We visited Union County Humane Society and planned to visit Capital Area Humane Society and Delaware County Humane Society. I went on the Columbus Dog Connection web site to view the dogs available for adoption and I found the names/directions to all Central Ohio shelters for us to visit. Then in the Suburban News I saw the "Mingle with our Mutts" event advertised. That would be perfect--we could see all the dogs from various shelters in one place at one time. That would save us a lot of time.

At the event we saw a lot of cute dogs of various sizes and breeds. We then saw one we really liked. We liked her size, and since she was one year old, we knew what her full-grown size would be. She was cute, sweet and the right temperament for us. Although we had seen her picture on the web site, she wasn't one we would have chosen until we saw her in person. And because she is one year old, we can avoid dealing with the "puppy" stage too.

We appreciate your thoroughness in making sure each dog is placed in a good home. Making a home visit and checking a prospective owner's prior vet records before approving an adoption are very wise.

Today, one week after adopting our new dog, I was so impressed to receive an entire packet of information from Columbus Dog Connection with a handwritten letter to us from the director. It contained medical history, certificate of vaccinations, adoption agreement, rabies tag, etc. for our new dog. It also included a variety of articles and information to help us care for and protect our new pet.

Columbus Dog Connection is such a well-run and thorough organization! Thank you so much for having the "Mingle with our Mutts" event and for all you do to rescue dogs and find them loving homes!

Carol, Powell OH

Heroes of Animals Foundations - Guernsey County Ohio

I want to thank you so much for allowing us the chance to showcase our pets at the Mingle With Our Mutts event.

Yesterday's event broke our record for successful adoptions at one time. And this time, ALL of the adoptions occurred solely because of their exposure at the Mingle. We found wonderful homes for three dogs, one kitten and another dog adoption is pending.

If it hadn't been for the Mingle, they would still be in foster care. Now, the little kitten (one of 26 at the farm from which she came) now lives in a mansion in Dublin with an adoring family. Our spaniel mix who just completed heartworm treatment found a wonderful home near Easton with a single woman whose spaniel of 15 years died last year.

One of our pound puppies who would have been euthanized the day we rescued her is now living in a beautiful home in the Polaris vicinity with a family who also fosters kittens for one of the Columbus rescues. Another puppy (4 mo's old) whose mom was dumped along a country road while pregnant now lives in the Powell area with a couple who has another dog, a nice fenced-in yard and two cats who tolerate them.

We don't know what we'd do without the Mingle. I know it's hard work being in charge of it, but it's a wonderful way to showcase these pets. Thanks again for everything. We'll be attending the Mingle without fail each and every month.

Sally Bennett Heroes of Animals Foundation, Guernsey County Ohio


Australian Shepherd Rescue
Wanted to let you know that we at GSP Care of Ohio really enjoyed attending this event. Please add us to the event again next month. We were able to showcase our breed and even got a few potential adopters. Again thank you for allowing us to attend, we really enjoyed it! Melissa Campbell - GSPCO Volunteer, German Shorthair Pointer Rescue

Did Jill tell you we had already received an (online) application from a lady that we met at Mingle w/ the Mutts? Then yesterday, Jill received an e-mail from a guy (interested in adopting an Aussie) that I spoke w/ FOUR different times at Mingle w/ the Mutts. Personally, I'm impressed about the exposure and outcome from Sunday' Mingle. Maybe it was just beginner's luck but it was well worth it. You and Lisa have orchestrated a wonderful event for both the dogs and community of Franklin County. Keep up the good work. No, let me rephrase that... keep up the great work!

Beth Brown Australian Shepherd Rescue

Colony Cats

Hey Kellie and Lisa,

We can't wait for the next Mingle!!! It was so productive. Everyone asking questions was really looking for a dog to adopt, unlike the adoption events at the big stores where everyone already has one, or two, or too many like they always tell you. These people were genuinely looking to adopt!!! And we placed both the pups we had with us in great homes. So you can remove Boomer and Bridgit!!! I really wish there was something we could do for all the great homeless cats and kittens. This collaboration is one of the best yet!! Thanks for all the time and energy you guys put into helping ALL these great animals, not just the ones with your organization. That is a great sight to see, also.

Colony Cats
Beagles R Us Rescue

Kellie and Lisa,

The last two mingles have brought in 4-5 adoptions each for the beagles, which is exceptional for us. I think the advertising is a wonderful idea.

Liz Beagles R Us Rescue

Great Dane Rescue

I am with the HH Great Dane and Saint Bernard Rescue and Lori and I attend each Mingle with our danes from the rescue. We have had so many people interested and say that they were not aware that there was a rescue for these big breed dogs. People question us on rescued dogs behavior and their personalities - and , of course, our dogs are enough to endear anyone to the danes. We have had people come to Mingle as a result of seeing us listed as an attendee . We advise people of the website listing all the available dogs - we have had activity in adoptions resulting from attending Mingle.

The other great thing about Mingle is meeting all the other volunteers for the rescues and hearing some of the wonderful stories about adoptions ! We all are very excited when a dog from the shelter is rescued!

Mingle is my favorite event to attend - I look forward to the third Sunday of each month!!!

Jane Dickinson Great Dane Rescue

I wanted to thank you again for the unbelievable event you are regularly organizing - Mingle with the Mutts. At the last Mingle we found adoptive homes for 4 of our rescued dogs, in addition to 7 prospects. This event has helped DOG SOS adopt dogs and pups to wonderful homes and we truly hope to see "Mingle" continue to take place consistently. As a small and growing organization, DOG SOS has felt privileged to follow in the footsteps of Columbus Dog Connection and the events that CDC organizes have helped us with adoptions and exposure during these initial months.

Elizabeth Benko DOG SOS